Dining Out In And Around Sunny Beach

There are some wonderful places to eat in Bulgaria with somewhere to suit every taste.

Salads form an important part of any meal especially the shopska salad, which is chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onion and feta cheese and it’s often eaten as a starter and throughout the meal.

Meat dishes include Kavarma, moussaka, skewers and pigs roasted on a spit. Homemade pizza and pasta dishes are also popular. Bread forms a main part of the Bulgarian diet and is offered with every meal.

Vegetarians are not really catered for and usually have a lack of variety. On the Black Sea Coast there are some mouthwatering fish dishes.

Tea is not common and is often herbal or black with a slice of lemon. Zagorka and Kamenitsa are the main brands of beer and can be bought either on draft or by bottle. Bulgaria produces some excellent wines from it’s thousands of vineyards, Menada, Targovishte and Chateau Karnobat are 3 of the most popular brands. Rakia, the national aperitif, is a strong brandy like drink usually made from grapes.

Bulgarians welcome children in restaurants but one thing to bear in mind is that smoking even during the meal is the norm so you may want to eat outdoors.

Some restaurants that can be recommended for good service and food in and around Sunny Beach are:

Condor located on the main road near the post office in Sunny Beach a few minutes walk from the central area is extremely popular with Bulgarians and tourists alike. It is open pretty much year round but expect to queue for a table in the summer months. D’Jannys just around the corner is also popular with locals and tourists and has a big garden dining area. The Jupiter behind the Royal Beach Hotel serves good value meals and has a live band and quiz nights.

On the beachfront Caribby has a lovely atmosphere with some tables overlooking the sea. It has live music most nights and appeals to a younger crowd. Fat Cat next door is also very popular. The Castle Italian restaurant between the Chaika and Victoria Hotels, Filipopol has tables overlooking the beach and has a live band. For budget meals try La Banana next to the Victoria Hotel – they do a great English Breakfast!

If you prefer International Cuisine try Mind the Step Indian restaurant located next to the Hotel Atos and Bombay Grill next to the Hotel Diamond, the China Wok on the main road opposite the Victoria Palace, Mamacitas Mexican restaurant near the Kuban Hotel.

For Traditional Bulgarian cuisine and dancing try the Windmill restaurant near the Sunset Hotel, Khans Tent or Hanska Shatra in Bulgarian offers a spectacular floor show and traditional cuisine and has stunning panoramic views across Sunny Beach and Nessebur.

In the nearby ancient town of Nessebur (sometimes spelt Nessebar) restaurants are dotted all around the harbour where you can enjoy gorgeous fish dishes caught by the local fisherman while watching the beautiful sunsets over the harbour and sea. A few popular places where you can enjoy good food and service are or Dionis, Aquagrill, Neptun, Zornitsa and Vega.

In Sveti Vlas (St Vlas) the Brasilia and the Central restaurants have great views over the bay. At the Dinevi Marina there are a number of more upmarket restaurants overlooking the harbour including Greek and Italian.

In Kosharitza a great place to eat is Hunters Lodge which is a traditional tavern specialising in Bulgarian cuisine at reasonable prices. Dancers then give a white corsage to each lady and re-enact a Bulgarian wedding where you can also join in the celebrations. The show then finishes with the women walking across hot coals.

Source: Totally Bulgaria.Com – for everything you need to know about Sunny Beach Bulgaria